BYD Yuan Plus EV in Jamaica – 1st Week Estimated Range Review | December 7 – 14, 2023

First Impressions and Delivery

Upon receiving the BYD Yuan Plus EV from the dealership, it was clear that they had put great effort into the presentation. The vehicle was adorned with a bow, a small gesture that added to the excitement of the moment. Miss Mills, my sales representative, was courteous and handled the entire process with utmost professionalism. After waiting patiently for two weeks, I was finally behind the wheel, ready to experience the all-electric vehicle firsthand.

Blessing and Dedication

Before embarking on this new journey with the BYD Yuan Plus EV, it seemed fitting to give thanks to higher powers. In a heartfelt dedication, the car was blessed, acknowledging its presence as a gift from above. Brother Mark, the proud owner, expressed gratitude and recognized the importance of offering this vehicle for a higher purpose. With prayers for guidance, protection, and wisdom, the car was officially declared blessed.

Performance and Efficiency

As the first week with the BYD Yuan Plus EV unfolded, I was eager to see how it would operate. The most notable aspect of this electric vehicle was its estimated range. With the advancements in electric technology, range anxiety was significantly diminished. The car proved to be faithful, providing a substantial estimated range that met expectations.

Reliability and Versatility

Throughout the week, the BYD Yuan Plus EV showcased its reliability and versatility. It effortlessly navigated the streets of Jamaica, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. The car’s useful features and adaptability to various terrains made it a reliable choice for everyday use.

Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority when choosing a vehicle, and the BYD Yuan Plus EV did not disappoint. Equipped with advanced safety features, such as collision avoidance and stability control, the car ensured a secure driving experience. Additionally, the vehicle’s security system provided peace of mind, protecting it from any potential theft or unauthorized access.

The First Week: Charging and Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the BYD Yuan Plus EV, the first step was to ensure it was charged and ready to hit the road. The process of charging was relatively simple, thanks to the assistance of the app. However, there was a minor issue with the unit not being properly hung up, causing it to initially show as unavailable. Fortunately, this was quickly resolved by connecting the unit properly. With a charging rate of 23 KW, the estimated time for a full charge was around 1 hour and 24 minutes.

First Test: Public Charger at Booth Service Station

The first real test for the BYD Yuan Plus EV was at the Booth service station, where a public charger was available. Thanks to the charging music crew, the car was fully charged to 100% and ready to hit the road. However, it was worth noting that before embarking on the journey, a stop at Chadel to get Nitro for the air cooler tires was necessary for the author to feel comfortable.

Home Charger Installation

To ensure convenient charging in the long run, a home charger was installed at the author’s office. Solar Buzz, with their professional team led by Jason, completed the installation. With the home charger in place, the BYD Yuan Plus EV was fully charged once again, ready to hit the road for the journey back home.

Initial Range and Performance

Before setting off, the author made all the necessary checks and ensured that the range and trip meters were zeroed. The estimated range displayed was 480 km, with the trip meter also showing zero. With these settings in place, the journey began, starting with a drive on the toll road to assess the performance of the BYD Yuan Plus EV.

Overall, the first week of owning and testing the BYD Yuan Plus EV in Jamaica has been an interesting experience. The initial charging process was straightforward, with minor hiccups easily resolved. The public charger at Booth service station proved to be easily accessible and reliable, providing a full charge for the car. The installation of a home charger added convenience and ensured that the car was always ready for the road.

As for the performance, the initial estimated range of 480 km seemed promising. However, further testing and exploration of the car’s capabilities will be needed to make a more comprehensive assessment. With each day, the author’s curiosity and scrutiny grow, eager to push the BYD Yuan Plus EV to its limits and evaluate its true potential.

Driving Conditions on the Flat Road

During the first week of testing the BYD Yuan Plus EV in Jamaica, I set the car to cruise control at a speed of 95 km/hour. Surprisingly, it only took an average of 10 to 12 kilowatts to maintain that speed, which was quite impressive. The car performed well on the flat road, and everything seemed to be in line with the initial estimated range of 480 km. So far, we had traveled 44 km, and the estimated range showed 429 km, which was consistent with the initial estimate.

Heading up the Highest Hill

As we passed the lined po exit and started ascending the highest hill, the power consumption increased significantly. To maintain the 95 km/hour speed, the car now required an average of 55 kilowatts. This hill seemed to be the longest and steepest of our journey, making it a perfect test for the car’s performance under challenging conditions. However, as the power requirements increased, the estimated range began to drop rapidly. It was clear that the real-world distance covered and the average kilowatt usage were not in sync.

Visualizing the Decline in Estimated Range

To showcase the rapid decline in the estimated range, we recorded a video of our ascent up the hill. As we sped up, the estimated range in kilometers per hour started to fall quickly, not reflecting the actual distance covered in the real world. This discrepancy between the estimated and actual range highlighted the importance of considering various factors, such as terrain and speed, when evaluating the performance of an electric vehicle.

Overall, the BYD Yuan Plus EV demonstrated satisfactory performance on the flat road, but faced challenges when climbing steep hills. The power consumption increased significantly, causing the estimated range to decrease rapidly. This first-week estimated range review serves as a reminder that real-world conditions can significantly impact the performance and range of an electric vehicle. It is important for potential buyers to carefully consider their driving needs and evaluate the vehicle’s performance under different conditions before making a purchase decision.

Driving Uphill: A Drastic Drop in Estimated Range

As we approached the top of the hill, the diminishing estimated range on the BYD Yuan Plus EV became apparent. This occurrence may raise concerns for those considering an electric vehicle. However, as an everyday individual reviewing these vehicles, I hope to provide insight based on my experiences.

We have now reached the summit of the hill, and surprisingly, the estimated range has fallen by approximately 30 kilometers. With a starting range of 399 kilometers, the real-world travel distance amounts to around 450 kilometers. Nevertheless, the actual range has dramatically decreased.

A Downhill Journey: Limited Regenerative Braking

Descending into Unity Valley, we noticed that the downhill slope did not significantly contribute to increasing the vehicle’s range through regenerative braking. On average, regenerative braking only added a mere 12 kilowatts to the vehicle’s estimated range. This is surprising considering that during our ascent, we utilized 55 kilowatts. Despite gaining one kilometer in estimated range during our descent, we ultimately lost 30 kilometers in total.

Plateaued and Descending: Limited Range Recovery

Currently, we are cruising at a steady speed on a plateau before descending further into Unity Valley. However, we are not gaining much range from regenerative braking. Our current trip encompasses approximately 56 kilometers, yet we have only regained one kilometer in estimated range. This indicates that the initial loss of 30 kilometers is still prevalent.

Overall, the BYD Yuan Plus EV’s estimated range has experienced a significant decrease during our first week of testing. The uphill drive had a major impact on the overall range, while the downhill journey and regenerative braking provided limited range recovery. These findings prompt further exploration and evaluation of the BYD Yuan Plus EV’s performance and range capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates on our electric vehicle review!

BYD Yuan Plus EV in Jamaica – 1st Week Estimated Range Review | December 7 – 14, 2023

Dash Cam Technology: Assisting Collision Avoidance

This week, I had the opportunity to test out the dash cam feature in the BYD Yuan Plus EV. The installed dash cam not only records footage but also alerts the driver to potential collisions. This proved to be incredibly helpful during my time with the vehicle. In one instance, the dash cam picked up the vehicle ahead of me braking, and the BYD Yuan Plus EV applied the brakes suddenly to avoid a collision. I was thankful for this feature, as it demonstrated the vehicle’s advanced safety capabilities.

A Pleasant Surprise: Twin Visit

During my test drive, I had the chance to visit my twin. It was a delightful coincidence, and we had a great time catching up. As I drove the BYD Yuan Plus EV to meet my twin, I couldn’t help but appreciate the smooth ride and comfortable interior of the vehicle.

An Exciting Journey: Bringing Videos to You

As a dedicated content creator, I am committed to bringing you informative and exciting videos. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who watches and subscribes to my channel. Your support motivates me to continue producing quality content. So, if you enjoy the BYD Yuan Plus EV and want to see more videos like this, please remember to like and subscribe!


Overall, the BYD Yuan Plus EV has proven to be a commendable choice for electric vehicle enthusiasts in Jamaica. Its performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety features make it a practical and eco-friendly option. As the weeks go by, it will be interesting to explore the car’s full potential and experience its ongoing benefits. With the BYD Yuan Plus EV, the future of sustainable transportation is within reach.
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