Why Chinese Car Makers Are Dominating the European Market

Chinese car makers have been making waves in the UK and European car market, and for good reason. One of the standout electric cars from China is the mg4, which not only performs well but is also one of the most affordable options for a four-door family car. In this article, we’ll explore why Chinese car makers like mg and BYD are gaining popularity and how they stack up against well-known brands like Kia and Volkswagen.

The Rise of Chinese Car Makers

Chinese car makers have quickly gained recognition in the UK and European market due to their competitive pricing and impressive performance. The mg4 is a prime example of this, as it offers a high-quality electric car experience at a fraction of the cost compared to its competitors. This affordability has made it an attractive option for consumers looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.

The BYD ATO 3: An Understated Gem

While the BYD ATO 3 may not turn heads with its appearance, it offers more than meets the eye. Its unassuming design allows it to blend in with other cars, which is exactly what some people want. Gray, being the best-selling car color of 2022 and the year before, proves that many prefer a more low-profile look. However, the true star of the ATO 3 is its interior.

An Impressive Interior Design

Inside the BYD ATO 3, you’ll find a plethora of features and high-tech gadgets. The central display, which can be controlled via a button on the steering wheel or on the screen itself, can rotate 90 degrees from landscape to portrait mode. This feature adds a unique touch to the car and showcases the level of innovation that Chinese car makers are bringing to the table.

Competition from Kia and Volkswagen

While the BYD ATO 3 may have its strengths, it faces tough competition from other well-known brands like Kia and Volkswagen. The Kia Nero EV and Volkswagen ID4 Rifle are both formidable contenders in the electric car market. The Kia Nero EV boasts a range of 260 miles, providing ample distance for daily use. On the other hand, the Volkswagen ID4 Rifle offers a sleek design and impressive performance.

In conclusion, Chinese car makers like mg and BYD are making a name for themselves in the UK and European car market. The mg4 stands out as an affordable and high-performing electric car option, while the BYD ATO 3 impresses with its interior design and innovative features. However, they face strong competition from brands like Kia and Volkswagen. As Chinese car makers continue to innovate and improve, it will be interesting to see how they shape the future of the automotive industry.

The Issue with the Landscape Orientation

One of the main concerns with this device is the landscape orientation. While it may seem impressive at first, many users find that they rarely use it. It may be entertaining to show off to your passengers or children a few times, but after that, it tends to be left in landscape orientation. The problem is that it just doesn’t work well in portrait layout. The screen feels too far away, with too much empty space on either side. It begs the question of whether it is worth the effort for it to rotate.

Responsive Screen with Minimal Bugs

Fortunately, the screen itself is responsive and doesn’t seem to have the bugs or glitches that have plagued similar devices. Compared to the ID3 and ID4, this one is much more reliable. It is quick and smooth, making it a pleasant experience to use. However, there is one major issue.

The Problem with Intuitive Menus

The biggest drawback of this device is the lack of intuitive menus. They are jumbled up and not where you would expect them to be. This can make it challenging to navigate and find certain features. For example, simple things like finding the heated seats option can be unnecessarily difficult. It is far from an ideal user experience, and most people will likely default to the standard fit Apple CarPlay, which is much easier to use and looks fantastic in full-screen mode. Additionally, voice control is available as an alternative option.

Different Screen Sizes for Different Models

It’s worth noting that the basic models come with a still reasonable-size 12.8-inch screen. However, the one being reviewed here boasts a larger 15.6-inch screen. While there haven’t been any experiences with cars that have this larger screen, it is expected to perform just fine. The rotation feature should still work effectively without any complications.

The Tool Center Console: A Closer Look

The tool center console in this car is certainly impressive, with various buttons and features that offer convenience to the driver. One notable feature is the regen braking and drive modes, which allow for more control and efficiency while driving. The joystick-style gear lever adds a touch of sophistication and functions well. However, some elements of the console, such as the air vents, may appear slightly overdesigned. Despite this, the overall quality seems commendable, particularly considering the price range.

Digital Dials and Information Overload

In front of the steering wheel, the car features digital dials that provide a wealth of information. While this may seem beneficial, some may argue that it is excessive and unnecessary. For example, having information about the rear wiper displayed on the screen may be redundant, as it can already be seen in the rearview mirror and on the steering wheel stalk. The abundance of data on the console can be distracting, although the overall build quality remains satisfactory.

Trim Options and Equipment

When it comes to trim options, this car offers three choices: active, comfort, and design. Surprisingly, even the basic model comes equipped with a wide range of features. The inclusion of big screens, wireless smartphone charging, 18-inch wheels, and LED lights is impressive. Additionally, the car is equipped with advanced safety. However, it is worth noting that the color scheme, a blue-gray shade, is the only option available across all trims. This limited color choice may not suit everyone’s preferences.

Optional Upgrades: Worth the Cost?

Stepping up to higher trim levels may seem enticing, but it is important to consider whether the added extras are truly necessary. Upgrades include an automatic tailgate, a larger screen, and slightly faster AC charging. However, these features may not be practical for most individuals, as they often require three-phase electrics, which are uncommon in UK homes. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh the benefits of these optional upgrades against their actual usefulness.

A Quiet and Relaxing Driving Experience

The good news is that the driving experience of the Bydato3 is impressive. This electric SUV offers a quiet and relaxing ride, providing a premium feel that is typically associated with European SUVs rather than those manufactured in China. One notable feature of the ATO 3 is its ability to handle bumps and rough terrain reasonably well. However, it may struggle with deeper potholes that can affect the car’s stability, although this is not a major concern.

Corners and Brakes

One drawback of the Bydato3 is its tendency to lean through corners. In comparison to other vehicles in the VW group, such as the id4 and Q4 e-tron, the Bydato3 falls short in terms of sharpness and agility. However, it’s important to note that this car is not designed to perform like a sports car. Another minor issue with this specific car is the brakes, which have been described as “crabby” by some. However, it is worth mentioning that colleagues who have driven different versions of the car did not encounter this problem. Additionally, the regenerative braking system on this particular car is not very strong, although this may not be a major concern during motorway driving.

Efficiency and Mileage

Surprisingly, the Bydato3 has proven to be quite efficient during our time with it. We consistently achieved an average of 3.4 to 3.7 miles per kilowatt hour, which is commendable considering a 95% charge. This indicates that the car can travel a good distance on a single charge, enhancing its practicality and reducing the need for frequent recharging.

The BYD Electric Car: A Competitive Option for Budget-Friendly EVs

Range and Charging Capabilities

The BYD electric car offers a respectable range of approximately 240 miles from its 60 kilowatt-hour battery, coming just 20 miles shy of the official claim of 260 miles. While some rivals in its class, like the Skoda and Accent ID4s, may offer more range, it’s important to consider the cost associated with those models. Additionally, charging may be less competitive in terms of cost efficiency. With a maximum speed of 88 kilowatts, the BYD electric car may not keep pace with some VW group cars but is on par with the Kia Niro EV. It offers a 30 to 80 percent charge in just 29 minutes, although specific numbers for the more common 10 to 80 percent charge are not provided by BYD.


The performance of the BYD electric car is commendable and well-balanced. In a market saturated with EVs boasting 0-60 mph times of three seconds or less, the BYD electric car stands out by delivering a more reasonable level of power. With around 200 horsepower, or 201 in the ATO three variant, the BYD electric car strikes a sweet spot that feels satisfyingly quick. Accelerating from 0 to 62 mph takes a perfectly adequate 7.3 seconds, and even in eco mode, the car picks up speed with ease. The eco mode offers a smoother driving experience, perfect for those who prefer a less jerky acceleration.

A Trusted Chinese Manufacturer

If you are hesitant about purchasing an electric car from an unfamiliar Chinese manufacturer, it is worth noting that BYD is far from unknown in its home market. In 2022 alone, BYD built and sold an impressive number of vehicles, solidifying its position as a trusted and established brand. With this level of success, it is evident that BYD has garnered a favorable reputation among Chinese consumers.

In conclusion, the BYD electric car provides a competitive option for budget-conscious individuals looking to make the switch to electric vehicles. With a decent range, fast charging capabilities, and well-balanced performance, BYD offers a reliable and cost-effective choice in the market. Furthermore, with its established presence and success in the Chinese market, BYD demonstrates its credibility as a reputable manufacturer. So, if you’re considering an electric car on a budget, the BYD electric car is definitely worth exploring.

The BYD Electric Car: A Closer Look

Spacious Interior, but a Few Comfort Concerns

The BYD electric car boasts a significant number of vehicles on the road, with 8 million cars to its name. Achieving such a large number requires extensive research and development and, of course, a focus on reliability. For potential buyers in the UK, only time will tell if the BYD lives up to its promises. In terms of interior space, there is a reasonable amount of room, with sufficient knee room even for someone over six feet tall. Headroom, however, is slightly limited, and taller individuals may find their heads brushing against the roof. Nonetheless, the average-sized adult should be perfectly comfortable. One notable drawback, however, is that the battery is located under the floor, which slightly raises the thigh position. This may affect long journey comfort, but for shorter trips, the BYD provides ample space for carrying little odds and ends.

Convenient Features for Passengers

The BYD electric car does offer a range of features and conveniences for its passengers. In the rear of the car, there are nets and pockets to store small items, as well as larger items in the pocket. Additionally, there are a couple of USB slots and individual vents for the rear air conditioning system. While these features may not be groundbreaking, they do contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable ride for both the driver and passengers.

Quirks and Questions about Design Choices

While the BYD electric car has its merits, there are some design choices that may leave potential buyers scratching their heads. The top-mounted door handles, for instance, may not be the most intuitive option and might take some getting used to. Similarly, the quirky use of guitar strings instead of traditional door bins on the back doors raises questions about their practicality. While they add an interesting element to the car’s design, their usefulness remains uncertain.

In conclusion, the BYD electric car offers a spacious interior, convenient features, and a respectable track record in terms of reliability. However, potential buyers should consider the slight comfort concerns, such as limited headroom and raised thigh position caused by the battery placement. Additionally, the quirks in design choices, such as the top-mounted door handles and guitar string door bins, may not appeal to everyone. As with any vehicle purchase, it is crucial to carefully weigh the pros and cons to determine if the BYD electric car is the right choice for you.

The Electric Tailgate: Nice but Not Necessary

When considering purchasing a car, there are often additional features that can make the driving experience more enjoyable. One such feature is the electric tailgate, which is available as an extra for the top-spec car. While it is a nice addition, it is by no means a necessity. Removing it does not significantly impact the available cargo space, which stands at 440 liters. This is slightly more than hatchback rivals but falls short when compared to larger models like the Nero or the id4.

Cables and Luggage

It is worth mentioning that without the electric tailgate, the cables that come with the car need to be stored in the boot. There is a small space underneath where you might be able to squeeze one in, but otherwise, they will take up room alongside your luggage. This can be a minor inconvenience but is manageable with some careful packing. Overall, the available space is still respectable, with over 1300 liters when the seats are folded down.

The Byd Advantage

Moving on to the overall build quality and features of the car, the Byd feels better built than its counterparts. While it may not have the rock-bottom list prices of some competitors, the extra attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident. The kit list is also impressive, offering a range of amenities that enhance the driving experience. Additionally, the technology incorporated into the car is a definite step up, with a 5-star Euro NCAP rating to back it up.

ATO 3’s Revolving Touchscreen

One standout feature of the Byd car is the ATO 3’s revolving touchscreen. While some may view it as a novelty, it showcases the responsiveness and fast load times of the system. Compared to mainstream manufacturers, Byd demonstrates how a well-designed touchscreen can greatly enhance the overall user experience. However, it is worth noting that the layout of the system could be more intuitive, leaving room for improvement in this aspect.

The Benefits of a Bespoke Electric Platform

One of the advantages of choosing an electric car built on a bespoke platform, like the Byd ATO 3, is the interior space it offers. It is evident that the car has been designed with families in mind, as the ample space inside caters to the needs of passengers and their belongings. The versatility of the electric platform allows for more innovative interior configurations, providing a great option for those seeking a reliable and spacious family car.

In conclusion, while the electric tailgate may be a nice extra, it is not essential to the Byd car’s functionality. The car shines in other aspects, such as its build quality, technology, and interior space. With its strong kit list and impressive features, the Byd ATO 3 proves itself as a contender in the electric car market, offering a great option for families and tech enthusiasts alike.

Introducing the BYD ATO 3: A Review of the Pros and Cons

The BYD ATO 3 has been making waves in the electric car market recently, touted as a spacious and efficient option for families. With a competitive warranty and an upcoming lineup of new models, it’s clear that BYD has big plans for the future. In this article, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the ATO 3, providing you with an unbiased review of this electric vehicle.

Faults in Comfort and Driving

The driving experience of the BYD ATO 3 is generally good, but it falls short when compared to its rivals. While other electric cars manage to strike a balance between comfort and composure, the ATO 3 feels a bit too soft at times. This may make it less appealing to drivers who prioritize a smooth and controlled ride.

A Thin Dealer Network

One aspect of the BYD ATO 3 that needs improvement is its dealer network. Currently, the options for customers to visit a showroom and experience the car firsthand are quite limited. Although there are rumors of big groups waiting to join BYD’s network, it is a concern for potential buyers in the present. Convenience is essential when making such a significant purchase, so having accessible showrooms is crucial.

A Competitive Warranty and Future Success

Despite its faults, the BYD ATO 3 does offer some enticing features that make it worth considering. The car comes with a competitive four-year warranty, providing buyers with peace of mind. This is reminiscent of the success that other electric car brands, such as MG, have achieved in the market. With a promising lineup of new models in the pipeline, BYD seems poised to replicate that success and carve out a niche for itself.

An Acquired Taste

It’s important to note that the BYD ATO 3 may not appeal to all European tastes. The driving experience and interior styling may not resonate with everyone. However, if you can look past these subjective preferences, the ATO 3 presents itself as an efficient and spacious family electric car. It offers good value for money, making it an easy recommendation for those seeking an affordable and practical electric vehicle.


In conclusion, this device has its pros and cons. The landscape orientation may not be as useful as initially thought, and the menus can be a bit frustrating to navigate. However, the screen itself is responsive and free from bugs, and the larger size offers more real estate for a better viewing experience. Although it may not be the most intuitive option, it still offers features like Apple CarPlay and voice control that can enhance the user experience. Ultimately, it will depend on the individual’s preferences and needs when deciding if this device is suitable for them.

In conclusion, the tool center console in this car offers an array of useful features that enhance the driving experience. Despite some overdesign in certain areas, the console’s overall quality is commendable, especially considering its price range. The abundance of information on the digital dials may be overwhelming for some, but the inclusion of advanced safety systems is a standout feature. It is worth considering whether the optional upgrades, such as a larger screen or faster AC charging, are truly necessary, as they may not be accessible to the average user. Ultimately, the choice of trim and features should be based on individual preferences and needs.

Overall, the Bydato3 offers a quiet and comfortable driving experience. While it may not match the sharpness and agility of its VW group counterparts, it still provides a premium feel and performs well on various road surfaces. The slight issues with braking and lean in corners are not major concerns, and some of them may be unique to specific cars. Additionally, the Bydato3’s efficiency and mileage are commendable, making it a practical choice for those looking for a reliable electric SUV.

The BYD ATO 3 has its strengths and weaknesses, as with any car in the market. While it may not be as comfortable or as widely available as its rivals, it has the potential to win over customers with its competitive warranty and future lineup. If you’re in the market for a spacious and efficient family electric car, the BYD ATO 3 is certainly worth considering. Just be aware of its unique driving experience and styling, as they may not align with everyone’s preferences.

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